DIY: Hanging Lanterns (using jars)

Hanging Lanterns (using jars) by Leigh Ann

You will need:
• 3-5 small jars with a threaded mouth
• picture hanging wire (18 - 20 gauge works well)
• wire cutters
• tealight candles
• beads
• metal charms
• jump rings (for connecting charms)
Step 1/ To begin, remove the jar lids and clean off any labels or glue from the jars.
Step 2/ Cut a wingspan (approx. 1 meter) of wire for each jar.
Step 3/ Before you begin wrapping, give yourself an excess wire 'tail'.
Step 4/ Wrap the wire around your jars mouth twice, then twist the 'tails' like a twist tie, securing the wrapped wire to the jar tightly (do not cut your wire yet).
Step 5/ Create a handle with the long remaining wire. Lace the long wire under a piece wrapped around the mouth. Since it's wrapped tightly, it works best to poke it through the gap behind your 'twist tie' joint from the step 4.
Step 6/ Drag the long wire so that the handle is half way across the jar. Now pull the wire through until you have your handle the size you want. Form your handle so that it's the shape you like.
Step 7/ Secure the handle in place by feeding the wire around the handle a few times (like you're tying knots around the handle with wire).
Step 8/ Cut off the leftover wire on both sides and press the cut wire tails down so that the sharp parts won't scratch you.

Tip: Since the jar will probably be holding/hanging a lit flame, test the handle strength by pulling both sides, making sure it holds strong.
Once you've got the basic method down, try adding a few extra details to your next lantern! Check out the tips below...
Beads/ When you're at Step 5 (forming the handle), feed a few glass beads onto your wire, then continue with the remaining steps.
Charms/ Using a jumpring, you can add a charm to the wire around your jar. Look through your jewelry box for broken necklaces with charms, odd earrings or your scrapbooking supplies!

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